Tanning Tips Using Tanning Beds

  1. Enjoy Tanning!  You will be more likely to stick with regular sessions if you enjoy the time in the tanning bed.  This is the one time of day that no one can bother you so RELAX!
  2. Every once in a while, "Double Dip".  Tan in a bed and then immediately after get a spray tan.  You get double the color!
  3. Switch up the beds.  Use a standard bed for a while and then switch to a higher intensity bed.  And periodically use a Stand Up bed to tan away those marks we all can't help but get.  
  4. Take care of your skin!  Drink lots of water, wash your face daily, take vitamins.  Healthy skin and happy skin tans darker.  
  5. Switch up lotions.  Just like trying to lose weight, eventually your body gets use to the lotion just like your body gets use to the stair climber. Switch things up!!!  Add some tingle or lotion with intensifier or extra skin hydration.  
  6. Don't, I repeat, DON'T shower for 3 to 4 hours after tanning.  If you shower immediately after, you are washing away gorgeous color. Many lotions have bronzers that get darker even after you've left the salon.
  7. EXFOLIATE!  EXFOLIATE!  EXFOLIATE!  This may be the most important tip.  One, you need to remove dead skin cells.  Two, after tanning a while bronzers can build up on your skin.  By exfoliating you'll remove old color and keep your tan looking healthy and natural.  
  8. Moisturize!!!  If your skin is dry you skin will peal or you won't tan in the first place.  Check out our after tan products and moisturizers that will give your skin the extra hydration it needs.  It's like a tall glass of water for your skin.
  9. Use facial lotion.  The skin on your face is different than the skin on the rest of your body.  
  10. Number 10 is the most important aspect of tanning.  USE A TANNING LOTION!  1/4 of the time you are tanning is lost without the use of tanning lotion.  Bronzers in tanning lotion add to the color you're getting from the bed and if you use the right tanning lotion you are getting moisturizer at the same time!


Tanning Tips for Spray Tans

  1. If you are going to shave, do so 24-48 hours prior to session
  2. Yoga pants and compression fit clothing may work at the gym but skip those for getting a spray tan!  Wear loose fit clothing.  The more baggy the better.
  3. Wear slide-on shoes or flip flops
  4. The day of your appointment do not use lotions, perfumes or deodorants since these only keep the spray from applying evenly or possibly at all.
  5. If possible, shower and exfoliate prior to your appointment.  Keep in mind that some soaps and body wash like Dove, leave behind a residue, so skip those!
  6. Plan on not getting wet, sweaty or dirty for 6-8 hours post session to prevent discoloration or smear lines.